Jade Mat

Jade Mat 1092 Stone

Big Jade Mat 210 Stone


Effect of THERMAL JADE MATTRESS on the body include helps to rebuild the endocrine system and affect positively against diseases caused within the liver, autonomic nervous system, blood circulation & skin. Tourmaline support switching of oxygen in the blood, enhances the immune system, endocrine system and lymphatic system and assist the recovery from oncological diseases. Due to these characteristics, tourmaline been nicknamed the “wonderful doctor” for its positive effect on health.
Special Features:-
  • Ideal for beautification and health care, helps to fight sickness and disease
  • Found to be helpful for kidney, heart and stomach ailments
  • Prevent intrusion of harmful substances to the body and improves immunity
  • Foldable & soft to wrap it on body parts Shields from static and electromagnetic waves by releasing healthy far-infrared.
  • Tourmaline stones are used for maximum heat transfer and penetration f) Digital controller to control the heating temperature Auto Cut-Off Sensors