4D Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Full body massage chair with powerful 4D back and leg massage with luxurious design to suit any home. These massage chairs comes in two colour options that can easily match with your home interior. For instance, if you are an avid television watcher than you can keep in your living room and enjoy your programs while getting the massage. Our life is getting busier. We often take out time to go to spas or massage centers to rejuvenate and de-stress our body. But, would it not be great, if you can get the massage with a electric massage chair full body at your home. Let this massager chair recliner help you attain the optimal state of leisure. This recliner full body massaging chair is designed out of supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish. The footrest is extendable up to 10 inches. The Bodyfriend recliner full body massage chair delivers massage proven to help minimize stress and remove stiffness and tension. Beginning the body scan to match the massage as per individual needs, the massage chairs provides optimal enhancement of wellness and natural healing through expertly guided stimulation of the pressure points.

Special Features

  • 4D technology Automatic massage chair keeps you relaxed
  • Helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation
  • Zero gravity massage chair improves the sleeping Quality
  • This 4D massage chair provides relaxing and comfortable massage
  • This 4D massage chair gives you back massage, cloud type airbag massage
  • Airbags massage around head, neck, shoulders, arms, seat, legs and feet.
  • Seat Vibration Massage
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Back Heating Function
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Kneading, rolling and pummel massage modes